Ideas to update your ponytail

The ponytail or ponytail is the most helpful hairstyle for women (and for some men, if they don't see Maluma). Haste, laziness or simply comfort, make it our first hairstyle option. But from using it so much the joke is lost and we end up seeing ourselves as portraits. If you do not want to remove this beautiful hairstyle from your list, you will love these ideas to renew it.

A beautiful bubble pigtail. You only need a few plastic liguitas and voila. It won't take you more than three minutes to do it.

Twist give an elegant touch perfect for business days.

This ponytail is worthy of even going to your graduation.

Half braid, half pigtail. The best of two worlds.

Remember to wave your hair before giving volume to the ponytail.

Now you have a ponytail for each day of the week.

Make it a beautiful flower!

Add ribbons to decorate.

More simple and beautiful can not.

Video: HOW TO: EASY PONYTAILS. Perfect Prom Hairstyles 2019 (November 2019).