Gifts with less than a thousand pesos that every good boyfriend deserves

Whether he approaches February 14, his anniversary or his birthday, a boyfriend who is nice to you, deserves gifts just as cute as he does. That is why I want to give you some ideas of things that he will value and that they will not leave you in extreme poverty. They all cost less than 50 usd (1000 Mexican pesos) and will show you how much you want it.


I recommend that you look for or investigate which ones you already have so you don't repeat it. If you don't know very well which one you could give him, I give you ideas: Resident Evil 7, Gran Turismo Sport, The Evil Within, The Last of Us, Street Fighter V. Another option is to buy him a gift card in 'Gamers' or' Game Planet '.

Portable battery to charge the cell

In addition, it will have no excuse for not answering your whats hahaha.

National team shirt of your country

Remember that the World Cup is this year! And what better way to support your selection with the right outfit.

Personal care kit

Believe it or not, men love all those lotions and products with manly odors (that we don't tell you openly is different). You could arm it yourself and look for shaving creams, creams, liquid bath soaps and a very masculine lotion.

Pack of international beers

Get some German, Belgian and Irish, they are the best!


There are many options for less than a thousand pesos (Mexicans) that are very worthwhile. To my liking the Skullcandy are very good (for you to take into account).

Netflix and Spotify gift card

In addition, it also suits you when they watch movies or have parties at home.

Chromecast or Roku

If your tv is not 'smart tv', you will make it very happy.

Horn for the bathroom

They are the best in the world.

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