Outfits with a warm, beautiful and elegant scarf

The cold has reached us and the flu is just waiting to attack us as the envious of the room that criticizes you. For this there are many garments that can protect you from the cold, without conspiring against your fashion. The scarf is one of them, because it can create an elegant and sexy look, without you having to neglect the low temperatures. If you have a scarf that you are dying to wear, but you are afraid that your outfit will look ñoño, we leave you several tricks.

A warm outfit with a scarf and a wide jacket can look great with a ponytail, gloves and tight jeans.

If it's not so cold, you can opt for a normal shirt and jeans. So your scarf will stand out and you can combine it with your bag.

The single color scarves with the naked eye seem boring, but if you combine it with a totally black outfit, you can make it the hit of your look.

If your scarf combines with any of your accessories such as a bag or your shoes, you can make it work with a cold colored outfit.

This year nudes tones are here to stay and in winter they will not be the exception, wear your nude tone scarf with similar tones and you will achieve the ideal outfit.

Wearing dress in dress season is no reason to suffer cold, a scarf will manage to counteract it.

Giant scarves are usually cumbersome or not very combinable. Use them loose and with colors that suit you. For example, if it is gray, use cold colors, if it is orange, warm colors.

Feeling ñaña with a scarf is normal, but if you use it with a rebel outfit as a leather one, you will feel the most sophisticated of the place.

Warm colors are still allowed in the cold and if your scarf does not match any of your cold colors, you can take out your animal print garments without problem.

Wearing a scarf does not mean losing your fashion. Buy an elegant scarf that goes ad hoc with your unique and impeccable style.

If the cold is very canyon, you can use your scarf as an overflow in your outfit. Trust that no one will tell you ranchera, because those that are flannel, work almost like a personal blanket.

An outfit unitono is always elegant. Try to make your scarf get along with the colors of your outfit. For example, if your scarf is gray, use a sweater or pants of the same shade.

That your scarf does not match in your outfit does not mean it looks bad. Try to find a way that your scarf fits in your mess, but that is not so essential that you need to wear it all the time.

There are huge scarves that you can use as a jacket as is. You just have to look well in stores, because it's not like a poncho. Those scarves are the best and are 100% recommended. You can even make two holes to put your arms and turn it into an adorable cardigan.

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