Signs that your boyfriend needs a clap

Do not you feel how sometimes your boyfriend wants to climb to the beards, like that he is very tall for no reason and with a haughty and controlling attitude ?. If the answer is yes, then you may need to download it from your cloud. If you are not very sure, these signs will tell you if your boyfriend needs a good applause to get his feet back on the ground of reality.

It asks you for things more like an order than a favor

You don't need to be a seer to realize the intention with which your boyfriend does and says things. So if he went from: “Hey love, you pass my cell phone to me” to “Pass me the cell phone (meaning, but quickly)” and questions like that, you need to confront him and remind him that he has education to ask for things as a human being thinking.

He thinks he can give his opinion about your clothes

Let's see, you have to learn a little thing, opinions are given when they ask for them, if nobody asked you, you keep your comment. So if he suddenly tells you: "You don't think that is too short, tight, it teaches a lot, etc.", he deserves to be placated and said: "You don't think if I wanted your opinion I would ask for it."

It pretends to ban you the very illusive things

Machismo continues to cause men to feel that they have the right to forbid things as if they were your parents (annoyance of tipejos), if your partner suddenly tells you: “You cannot go out with such, or use such a thing, or go to that ”And an infinite etc, because for that they paint themselves. There are two, the first and most beneficial is that you kick it in the butt and take it out of your life forever and the second is that you make it clear that you have no right over your decisions. If you keep shutting up and letting him control your life, after a while, don't complain when you're all frustrated.

Criticize your friendships

These men today are getting worse for real. If your boyfriend spends his time criticizing your friends, saying that they don't like you, that they are a bad influence (as if you didn't have your own choice), you have to stop his poison cart. You could tell him that you don't mess with his friends, if he doesn't like yours, just keep it because nobody is forcing him to live with them.

He is outraged if you don't give in to his tantrums

Men have taken care of slandering us by saying that we are the dramatic and tantrum sex. But if someone takes the prize to the most spoiled they are. One of his techniques is to be indignant and even angry if you don't give in to his whims or requests. So the next time you apply it, you could give him a pacifier to see if he's not ashamed.

He gets angry because you want to do things without him

There are boyfriends who have a leech complex, they want to be glued to you all the damn day, as if one did not enjoy their loneliness. If he blackmails you by saying that you no longer want him or something, you have to make things clear and not give in to his tantrums.

It blames you because other men like you

This is one that bothers me the most. It blames you because other men look at you even if you haven't done anything to reciprocate them or encourage them to woo you. If he doesn't trust you, it's his problem and you don't have to endure things like that.

Believe that it must always be your priority

When you spend time with your partner, it becomes one of your priorities, it is more than normal. But that does not mean that it will always be number one. Do not stop doing things or losing opportunities for him. Remember that even if they share their life, everyone has to work their way.

He doesn't consult you when making decisions that concern both

There should not always be life decisions, small things are enough, such as what they will do this weekend, if you agree to go to a family meal without asking if you want or can go. Waters, because at first they will be unimportant things but then they could seriously affect you. Talk to him and make him understand that before making any decision that involves you, you should ask yourself.

Threatens you to finish

Threats are not parents in the relationship, they should not exist, it is a kind of tantrum and blackmail. If he does it again, take the word, so he knows that he doesn't play with you.

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