10 Tricks to dress in class without having to sell a kidney

Dressing elegant to go to college, some event or work is not easy and less if your closet is reduced to many jeans, tennis, sweatshirts, shirts and blouses. However, sooner or later the need to dress smart will take you off guard. If you want or need to change your current look for one with more class and you have no idea where to start, we will leave you ten tricks not so expensive, and thus avoid selling any of your organs.

Start by trying to get out of your comfort zone in terms of the fabrics of your clothes, avoid denim or polyester at all costs. The textures in your outfit, in addition to making you look more glamorous, will give your skin a breath of suffocating fabrics.

If you really have no sense of what will be right or not with you, start buying a garment that is trending. Many girls do not imagine that clothing becomes a trend because they are universally flattering.

If you are not looking to spend too much on accessories, we recommend cheating with imitation accessories, they look the same, are cheaper and serve the same. Because being honest, nobody notices if someone's Ray Ban is original, because deep down we are all cheats.

To have a creative, unique, cute and combinable bag it is not necessary to spend thousands. Brands are not everything, look for bags in accessible stores, there are really great designs.

Black is considered the king of kings of elegance, so do not hesitate to start using it properly, because if you exaggerate with black it will be counterproductive.

Take care and keep your things clean. It doesn't matter if your accessories are original, imitation or even without a brand. If you have an original bag but it is dirty it will definitely look bad, but if you have a watch without a well-groomed and shiny brand, it will always look fantastic.

The girls are afraid to wear bright things, because if we don't use it well, we'll look like a Brittany and we don't look for that. However, bright and well-chosen things can make us look like Hiltons.

It doesn't matter if you buy the most ostentatious clothes or shoes from the mall, if you don't take care of your health habits, like eating well and exercising, they won't look good; On the other hand, if you take care of your body and find a beautiful blouse in an X shop, the magic of elegance will be done alone.

Good shoes can turn almost any outfit into something glamorous. You only need a pair of shoes that match the majority of your wardrobe, that are not tired for you and that look very expensive in Paris.

Take care of the details. It is useless to bring the most expensive outfit from the office, university or event if you do not take care that your hair and skin are healthy, that your makeup goes ad hoc to your outfit, that your accessories do combine, that you do not smell badly, among others details that some neglect and are essential!

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