Outfits with leggings you need to go to the movies

The golden rule when dressing to go to the movies, is to go as comfortable as possible. This does not mean that you have to go practically in your pajamas or that you have to do without pretty or sexy clothes. But to choose simple clothes, that go with you, with which you feel comfortable and cute And what better than leggings?

This garment can give you countless perfect outfits to go to see a movie with your friends or your boyfriend. Check out some of them.

A simple white shirt, the cardigan you have, flats and your most precious black leggings. Do you still think a movie outfit is the same as laziness?

If heels are yours, you don't have to give up on them. You can wear your sexiest boots in a look like this.

The layers are great, they keep you warm and also give you tremendous styling.

Wear a plaid shirt as if it were a light jacket.

Forget the cap, do not focus on it but on the other pieces of this outfit. A belly button hoodie, a beautiful and sensual bralette that lets you see a little and your cutest leggings.

If you don't like to show your abdomen but if the idea of ​​flirty bralette beats you, this idea is your thing.

A super classic to go watch a movie.

Leggings that are faux leather will give you more glamor if that is what you are looking for.

Leggings do not always have to be black, print your personality.

Adapt them to your style and feel free, comfortable and beautiful that is what it is all about.

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