Simple makeup to envy all those evil ones

Generating envy is not a simple thing, because you need to have an original and attractive personality, so that more than one girl starts sending you her bad vibes because of jealousy. If you are an addicted makeup, surely more than once you have created controversy among girls, because the comment of “Her insecurity makes her make up a lot” or the one that says “She makes up very little to say she knows a lot about makeup”. To create a midpoint, between the simple and the impressive, we leave you these 10 makeups.

If you are one of the girls who frequents the use of shadows always, because that is where the greatest art develops in the eyes, choose to use more light and nude shades, to create a discreet and impressive art.

A perfect natural eyebrow profiling, can be the best letter of presentation of your skill as a makeup artist, because it is not easy to make a simple eyebrow make all the difference in your makeup.

If you are one of those who do not complicate much when putting on makeup, but still looking to see yourself radiant, use highlighter! A little illuminator on your face will give a very natural effect to your face, as if you had woken up like that, but at the same time it will make you look gorgeous.

One of the best rules for the harmony of makeup is “if it is above, not below or if it is below, not above”, in other words, if you paint your eyes a lot, the lips should have the most discreet tones possible , for example nude colors.

If you do not want your face to look "naked" for not putting on your lips and eyes, what you can do is use the contour, as it will shape and shape your face without the need for other makeup elements.

Or on the contrary, you can choose to make up your lips or eyes and forget about any base, contour or powder for the rest of your face, because this simple makeup will make you look beautiful and sure of yourself.

If you don't want to be struggling a lot with so much makeup and shadows, simply delineating your eyes can totally change from your look to the shape of your entire face.

You can even grab your skill in the outlined, to create the most original and enviable delineated that you can think of.

Red lips are never a bad option. Never ever! Well, the red lipstick is the best back of any makeup, because there is no need to make up your face or eyes to expose your sensuality.

Video: Sweet & Simple Makeup feat. Glossier. Envy (November 2019).