Ideas to add golden touches to your eyes this Christmas

Imagine the Christmas holidays, the scent of punch and turkey, the Christmas tree shining in the corner of the house full of beautiful and colorful gifts. Now imagine a color besides red, which is super representative of this date. Do you already have it? Surely gold is the color that immediately came to mind, right?

Well, then why not add it to our decembrino makeup? Here are some ideas of how they could add it in the simplest and most glamorous way possible.

Add your black eyeliner and the shade you have chosen that day and add a thin line of liquid eyeliner with golden diamond.

Or you can give small touches without forming a line.

If you like to lengthen the outline, do it twice.

You can use only golden shadows.

Try this outlined and you will see how your eyes get a shine like no other.

You can place it in the middle to give more light to your shadows.

If you want a more natural makeup, give your tear a touch.

There are a thousand ways to use it, the important thing is that you give it a chance.

It is worth putting it only at the bottom.

With smokey eyes you will steal the attention of the meeting.

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