10 things you saw on Tumblr that you can now buy

There are curious, beautiful, strange or fabulous things that we find when we are gossiping through networks like Tumblr. And I don't know about you but I wonder all the time and where do I get that? Well today you can finally have 10 things you've seen on Tumblr during all this time.

Make them yours!

You don't have to get a hipster tattoo to look like Tmblr girls, just buy a temporary one like this. Buy it HERE.

You have seen this sweatshirt more than once. Single HERE.

And not to mention these super cute prints in the form of bands. Buy them HERE.

Many girls always appear with backpacks of this style. Find it HERE.

Finally you can get an original and unique sweatshirt. Buy itHERE.

Unicorn water, it will look great in your room. Single HERE.

Many celebrities have an equal. Buy itHERE.

Make your cell phone have all the Tumblr style. Find it HERE.

A curtain of hair full of color. Buy itHERE.

Don't you die for one like that? Single HERE.

Video: DIY Tumblr Pins Using Things You ALREADY Have. JENerationDIY (February 2020).