Tricks to make your butt look bigger in the photos

Not all of us have generous genes like those of the Kardashian, most of us are mortal beings with not much pompi to show off on social networks. But that does not mean that we cannot make the most of what God gave us.

That's why today I will teach you to make it look more voluptuous in your selfies with a few simple tricks.

Get in and keep one leg higher than the other, so a better circumference will form in the area.

Turn on your side and don't take the full picture of your butt, leave it in the middle. This will only show the curvita above and give the impression that there is more.

The leg of the pompi to be photographed has to go straight and the other forward.

The photos from above and behind like this one work great.

Turn your back to the mirror and then twist your trunk. This will make your ass look more generous.

Placing one leg back as in the image, gives more volume to the booties.

Sit down and your butt will expand, and it will obviously look more voluptuous.

You can tilt your hip when facing, so that a curve is created in your waist.

Do this pose, no matter if you bring jeans, shorts or leggings, it will give you an almost perfect circumference.

Raise your leg and the pompi on some surface.

Video: Instagram Posing tips - How to make your butt look good in a photo! (November 2019).