21 Moditas that you followed 10 years ago if you're a girl

Time passes very fast. It seems as if it was yesterday that many of us gave us the madness to follow these fashions that although at that time they looked super "chic", today they could cause us other people's sorrow (not all) but most of them.

Do you remember them?

Tous imitation bags or purses (and we felt very “nice”).

You literally had these same.

If you were a girl more "strawberry" gave you the retro fashion of using Panam.

There was a time when toooodas carried an elf and looked after him as if he were a son. Please tell me what happened at your school too!

In case of not wearing elves, they all wore an Elmo sweatshirt or stuffed animal (hahaha what a pity).

The Baby G watch could not be missing.

Feel very big and sexy wearing square skirts.

Selfies with digital camera! Then publish them on Fotolog, Hi5 and Myspace. If you didn't have a good memory (they were expensive), you would take a maximum of 10 and you would run out of space. Obviously the belt with this butles could not be missing.

Feel super strawberry if you could get a friend to get you an American Eagle garment.

Or Abercrombie. They were not at all common in many Latin American countries ...

Bell bottom pants. I loved them!

These glasses were terrible. You couldn't even see well.

That way of wearing ties to Avril Lavigne and Mia Colucci ... Pfff all used them!

Filling your backpack with pins was great!

I accept having worn velvet pants ... I don't know how I dared.

Filling your cell phone with pebbles was the most chic thing in the world.

Some (not all) gave them their "sexy" fashion that their thong protrude from their pants.

Von Dutch caps ... How to forget them? The worst were those with a transparent visor, remember?

HOOORRIBLE pants with designs.

Plastic bracelets! There was no one who did not have them.

And many also made a bracelet with the network of bottles of "Terry" ... haha ​​what memories!

Typical to use these necklaces as close as possible to the throat.