Harry Potter items you never thought you could have

If you are a Harry Potter fan, take a moment, breathe easy and take a seat because this is going to get good. If you always wanted to receive your Howgarts acceptance letter, have a map of the marauder, your own wand or those delicious sweets of all flavors, then this will make you extremely happy because you can have all that and more.

You won't believe it. Ready? Welcome to the magical world of Harry potter!

I solemnly swear that my intentions are not good ... Your own map of the marauder! Buy it HERE.

Your own acceptance letter to Howgarts along with your train ticket! Find them HERE.

Chocolate frogs that bring holograms inside as in the movie. Buy them HERE.

Your own version of the cake that Hagrid gave Harry on his birthday. Single HERE.

Wands, wands and more wands! Buy yours HERE.

The Grim! A perfect cup for your morning coffee. Single HERE.

A diploma that certifies that you are a master in magic. Find them HERE.

A temporary tattoo that says: "I must not tell lies" Buy it HERE.

Your own trunk with the supplements that all freshmen need. Find them HERE.

Multiplayer Potion! Single HERE.

Phoenix tears that heal everything. Buy them HERE.

Potion kills wolves. Find it HERE.

A time tour like Hermione's. Buy it HERE.

Your own Honey Dukes candy kit. Buy it HERE.

Temporary tattoo of the dark mark. Single HERE.

Your own Harry Potter scar. Buy it HERE.

Do you remember her? Sure you want it, click HERE.

And your own newspaper of "The Prophet." Buy it HERE.

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