Girls that will leave your brain more fried than an egg

Every day my faith in humanity diminishes a hairline, but this post makes the battery that makes me endure this type of things to be discharged at once and forever. I try and try to understand what the hell is wrong with them, what they have in my head, but I will give up because I feel my brain melt.

Get ready because what you will see is not easy.

And I thought we needed air.

Hopefully the one who arrives will give you some good spelling classes.

She knows what she wants ...

I had always wondered what that song meant.

Too bad they didn't invite her to the pool, I say to the boat.

Clearer, neither the water.

Mmmm ... it's hard.

The solution to all world problems.

I even got a tear.

A real woman

If you see that it is real.

She really thinks that the autocorrector reads the mind.

Super rude, if they are scary.


Good thing you know the difference.

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