Things that will attack your head when you paint your hair for the first time

Women love and hate at the same time changing their look, no matter if it is going to be light or radical, everything causes us stress because we fear we end up looking horrible or ridiculous. But what scares us most is undoubtedly changing color and these are some things we think before, during and after the change.

You go from the most common color to the most crazy and back.

I cut it?

When we want to paint our hair the thing does not stop there, we end up thinking what if I cut it so it looks better? But what cut do I make? or so I leave it?

I cut it too much!

If you decide that cutting the color will do better, the thing does not stay there either. They will finish cutting your hair, you will come home, you will see yourself in front of the mirror and you will immediately think: “The color would have looked better if I had not cut it” or “They cut it too much, what will I do now?”

Do I go with someone or do I do it alone?

Another of the things that will attack you will be to think if it is better to go to a beauty salon so that someone paints your hair, whether to tell your mother or venture into the adventure and do it yourself.

What if it burns me?

When you are about to apply the dye you will stop dry and it will come to your mind that you will inevitably burn your hair.

What if I get bald?

Once you applied the dye, the true psychological torture begins: “Oh my God! I feel like a tickle, I think my hair has already burned ”Surely once I remove it, it will start to fall down!

It won't stay the same!

Surely you liked the color you saw in someone somewhere and you thought "it looks divine, I want something like that" So when you're waiting for the chemists to do their thing, you'll think you won't look like the girl in the box , that you will look horrible, that it will not grab the color and a thousand other things.

Do I leave more or take it off?

Dyes always bring instructions on how to use it and how long to let it act on the hair. But in spite of that you will think, what if I take it off earlier so that I don't get so charged? or better I leave it more so that it grabs well.

I already regretted it!

Also while you wait for the time to rinse it you will think “what did I do? I do not want! I already regretted it! And now what do I do?"

It's time for the truth

The time to rinse it has arrived and it is here when the cold sweat takes hold of you, you walk to the shower as if it were the way to the electric chair.

I'm going to look horrible!

You are rinsing and your thoughts are only negative, you think you will look horrible and even a little deformed. Why? nobody knows.

I can always repaint it

After the terror and thinking that your life is over, the moment of resignation comes, to think that if you really looked bad then you can always repaint it.

Oh I don't want to see!

You leave the shower, dry it and it's time to see yourself in the mirror. But you wait a bit because you don't want to do it, the emotion wins you and you look out.

Oh! I don't look so bad

And oh surprise, what you see is not bad, suddenly all the nerve disappears. You feel very strange, you know you have to get used to it, but at least you don't look bad.

I look fantastic!

Days go by and the more you look the more you like it, until the time comes when you really look fantastic in front of the mirror.

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