Fashion ideas to combine a leather jacket

Leather jackets (or vinyl) are a basic garment that most girls already have in our wardrobe, if not, these outfits will give you a good reason to go shopping today and buy one that fits very well your body.

This type of jacket helps to balance our looks very well when we look for outfits that make us look super chic in a 'casual' way.

I hope these examples help you to be inspired for the next time you want to dress with her.

A look that I would definitely use to go to a bar with my friends.

A wonderful style to go to work.

Turtle necks were born to be used with them.

The most important tip when you buy a jacket of these, is that you look very well that it closes you and at the same time you feel it “tight” but without tightening. This way you will know that you chose the ideal jacket for your body. If you choose a smaller one, it will look terrible.

Ripped jeans are the ideal pair. My favorite combinations are with light blue, white or flat black jeans.

Become braids and wear sneakers. A totally in look!

If you don't know what to combine with your skater short skirt, here is the answer.

With pastel dresses they look amazing. An elegant look ideal for a meal with your boyfriend's parents.

Super casual to go with your friends for coffee.

Mega chic and sexy to leave the club.

And my spoiled!

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