What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans not to see you weird

The boyfriend jeans are a serious thing and is that choosing the right shoes is not as easy as it seems, not everyone goes and you have to know how high we have to fold the pants with each of them so as not to be completely strange. If you do not know how to fold this type of jeans I leave a post HERE.

All heeled shoes come divine, you gain height and no matter how loose they will stylize you a lot.

Yes you can wear ankle boots that reach your ankle, the trick is knowing how far to fold your pants so as not to cut your figure.

Tennis shoes are essential, you just can't have a boyfriend and never wear them with this type of footwear.

The low shoes will give you a bohemian and classic look.

If you are very short and you will wear high but closed shoes, try to make them nude, so you will lengthen your silhouette.

The lace up is also very good, just try to make the doubles a little higher than it is in the photo, so you will show off your strap a bit and give it more shape.

For nothing in the world let the sock look, if you wear tennis use a short sock of those that are not seen at all.

Do not use them with flip flops or you will look mega extra fodonga.

I never liked these shoes, I am definitely not a fan. But if you enjoy them then use them but without socks.

Sandals don't look good with these jeans either unless they have a heel, otherwise throw them away.