Garments in your closet that should be considered a sin

I can assure you that in your closet you have a bit of everything regardless of whether you have a defined style. And it is good, having variety does not give many more options, but there are things that should not be there and that they are, you should take them out and burn them right now.

They are an attempt against good taste and you should not keep them for another minute.

Flared Corduroy Pants

The corduroy is a complicated fabric to combine, it is not impossible but some experience is needed to not end up seeing you as fresh out of the past. But what you should never allow, is corduroy pants that still have the nerve to be flared. Are you in the 70's?

Pants at your mom's waist

The pants at the waist are super trendy, but today's are more tight and stylize your figure. If you plan to use the ones your mom has kept in her closet for years, stop! They don't look good at all.

Stockings skin color

What is 90 years old? Oh my God! Skin socks should be a crime and more if you are under 50. Don't wear them! You don't need them, your skin deserves to be lucid.

Nude leggings

It is very complicated to wear nude leggings without looking like you are naked in the street and without denoting a terrible taste in clothes. Avoid them at all costs.

Blouses with frills on the shoulders

There are really beautiful shoulderless blouses, but if you have one that has a spring on the top and bell sleeves, throw it away right now!

Small heeled shoes

Ladies are fascinated by this type of shoes so zero graceful. It is better to use some flats to things like this.

Denim shorts to the knee

This type of shorts are exclusive to children scouts, there is no way you look good in them for more attempts you make.

Transparent braces

These braces are the ugliest thing on the planet. If you do not want your bra straps to be noticed, use a strapless one. These plasticized straps are always noticeable, they are marked on the skin, they become opaque and make you sweat. A very ugly thing.

Skirt pants

I know that today there are pretty pretty little models, worse if you have something as ugly as this, take the scissors, untie your hatred with it and throw it away.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are the worst invention fashion has ever created. There are better ways to stylize your figure.

Pants with tweezers

Not for God's sake, these pants don't look good on the 80-year-old gentlemen, why do you think you do? In addition, he not only has tweezers, but he still has this length, he is the devil in person Get rid of him!

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