You are the one who puts my heart to the thousand today

I could go down the street tomorrow and meet someone who makes me take my heart to a thousand. Or I could be waiting in line at the supermarket and not being able to stop looking at the boy in front of me. I could even match in the neighborhood store with one that makes my face light up.

I can't assure you, it could happen to me here, in Madrid, or in a completely different country. It could even happen to you, even if you didn't want to. It is something we will never know, neither you, nor I, nor anyone.

What I do know is that today is you, and that I also want you to be tomorrow. And past. And that I will do everything in my power to do so, no matter how many stand in my way, or many in yours. Because you are the one who puts my heart to a thousand today, who I do not want to stop looking at even a single second, and who makes my face light up.

So I ask you not to think about what could happen tomorrow, or what could happen in five minutes, because we don't know it, and we'll never know. Because the one that happened to the next door neighbor does not mean that it will happen to us. I ask you to be you, like this, with all your ways, always. And don't change, and don't change me.

Look at this moment, here we are, in the plural, you and I, we, why think about tomorrow?

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