Reasons why you should get yourself an unfriendly friend

Having an unfriendly friend may sound like the scariest thing in the world, but those of us who have it, we know is the most incredible thing that could have happened to us. They are honest with the people around them and that makes you laugh or avoids contact with unpleasant people. Besides, nobody messes with you because they know what your friend is like.

That's why I bring you a list of 12 reasons why having a best friend who hates everything equally is the best of the best:

If something bothers you about you ... he tells you bluntly.

He will get rid of other undesirable girls “Are you bothering us, can you get away?” (Obviously with some other rudeness) or at least he will shut up that annoying person.

Consider yourself lucky to be your friend, not everyone can like you. You are special!

And as nobody likes you, you can enjoy exclusivity, because it practically only speaks to two or three people it supports.

Your friend doesn't mind looking good with anyone, so she WILL NEVER LIE! It will be sincere to the bone.

If a boy broke your heart or a girl speaks badly about you, she is the first to go to defend you "Who do we kill?"

He will never try to change you. She knows how horrible it is because surely many have tried to change it, so she won't do it with you.

You will do the most daring things with her. She does not care about the opinion of others and the word shame does not exist for her.

He is more than aware of how unfriendly he is. Every time someone mentions it, he responds with a "Y?"

It rarely shows feelings, and you will surely be present when it happens.

Just a few drinks and you will put her to socialize like normal people.

It will always make you laugh, unfriendly girls are the most honest, whether they talk about someone's appearance or their point of view.

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