11 times you've hated your bra

In an ideal world I would walk without bra for life. I don't like them, I don't tolerate them and the reasons are simple ...

Surely the vast majority of them have happened to you.

That time when your bra tried to pierce your heart or lungs at the least expected moment.

That day when a bra pretended to be one of your size, but when he got home Oh surprise! You realize that it is actually smaller.

When with all the attitude you went to exercise, but when you returned you noticed that your bra had left you an annoying wound.

The girls with big bust will understand me.

That occasion when you fell asleep under the sun and did not untie your bikini.

Argh! I hate when you take it off and you feel that pain-itching-burning sensation that is not taken away from you because of using the bra from 7 am to 11 pm.

If I got paid for every time my hair got stuck here, I would be a millionaire.

You know you made a mistake when you decide to put all your bras at once in the washing machine. Trying to undo that knot takes years.

When a seam is not well done and constantly itches you.

And in case you don't have much bust, know that you use it daily only as it covers nipples.

And of course, how to forget that day that you broke or unbuttoned without warning and at the least desired time.