Tips for using dark lipsticks correctly

One of the most daring makeup trends has to do with the new shades in lipsticks. The reds and the roses are behind, today the dark and deep colors that put more than one in check.

Not all girls feel very comfortable or convinced to add these colors to their makeup palette, but keep in mind that the new always causes fear, the important thing is to miss it. And the only way to achieve this is to use them and for you to use them correctly, we have brought the best tips.

Go and try all the colors

To know what color, what tone and what intensity you are doing well, you have to try them on. There is no magic formula to know as well as which lipstick suits you perfectly. So go without penalty to try on all the colors that attract your attention. It will also help you lose your fear.

Use a first

The first will help the color on your lips does not fade so quickly. And the darker the lipstick is more noticeable when it is washed out even a little.

Do not apply directly

With dark tones you have to be very careful when applying them. And you have to fill your lips perfectly or it will be noticed for miles. For that it is better to help us with a brush and not apply the bar directly.

Always criminal

Before applying color to your lips it is essential that you delineate them with a pencil of the same color, so you will shape it and they will look millions of times better. You can also fill your lips with the eyeliner and then paint them with the lipstick. This way you make sure that there are no gaps and also the color will last you forever.

Don't paint them when they are cracked

Your lips have to be healthy and smooth so that any lipstick looks good. But when the tone is very dark you should be more careful, as this will highlight any imperfection. Constantly exfoliate them so that they look divine.

Keep the rest of your makeup simple

The goal of using a dark lipstick is to give prominence to the lips. So keep the rest of your makeup simple so you don't look recharged and your lipstick meets its goal.

Always use blush

And don't forget to use blush as you normally do. If you forget him you might look too pale due to the dark lipstick.

Use concealer to correct errors

If you left the lip line and stained your skin, do not panic. Use some concealer to fix the error.

Wear sunglasses

The sunglasses will give a mysterious, glamorous and super sexy air to all your dark lipsticks.

Do not wear clothes of the same color

Unless you want a dark style, try not to wear dark clothes or the same shade as your lipstick.

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