Positive things that would happen to you if you were a girl who doesn't put on makeup

If you are a girl who wants to make up less days or manage not to depend on him, but you do not take the courage to do it, here is a list of 10 positive things that will happen to you if you do not put on makeup, it is all about having more confidence.

You will take care of your skin

If you take the necessary measures, the makeup does not cause damage to your skin, however, when it is hot season and we perspire, your pores may not be able to breathe and cause you acne. In addition to other consequences such as wrinkles or spots.

If you cry you don't run anything

We, as girls, are more hormonal and tears can sprout at any time. If in itself, it is not very pleasant to cry, so that we still have the worry of running makeup on us.

The girls will envy you

You will feel super envied, for the fact that they have to touch up their makeup every so often, or have to be aware that nothing falls on their faces, do not say hello to anyone for fear of ruining everything, fear him to the rain etc. You will feel free to see their dependence.

You don't have to get rid of yourself

It is so annoying to have to get home and do the same and time-consuming routine to remove makeup, clean your skin, add some makeup treatment. You would save yourself a lot of time! Just don't forget to wash your face every night.

Your boyfriend will thank you

He will thank you for all those times that he can kiss you without worrying about your lipstick, for being able to touch your face when he wants to play, for not waiting for you to make up, because it will be easier to appreciate your natural beauty and for a thousand more reasons, your boyfriend It will make your decision happy.

When you really paint yourself you will see the difference

Everyone will be accustomed to your natural look, that the day you put on makeup, they will tell you how beautiful you look, even you will see the difference. It will also be easier for you to put on makeup, because by looking carefully at your natural features, you will correct better when using makeup.

You save a lot of money and time

All the girls know how expensive! which is buying makeup and how little it lasts; You can pamper yourself by paying for a beauty treatment or spa. You will even be free from all that time that the girls spend on makeup and you can wake up later.

You seem a more productive person

So is! not being made up, people will think that your time is measured, and that you have no priority for the matter of makeup, because your affairs seem more important to you.

The boys don't even notice

Maybe you ever heard a guy say "girls look better made up", but believe me, they don't know anything about makeup, because they don't even have any idea how it works. They've never done makeup! Who are they kidding? In addition, trust makes you see a sexier girl.

You enjoy great moments

Those unexpected moments, such as a class trip to a lagoon, a pool meeting or a romantic kiss in the rain; They will be able to follow their course, without the worry of keeping your makeup intact intervene and ruin everything.