Traps with makeup to fake a natural look

Do not feel bad, if you are like many of us addicted to beauty! Believe me, it is more than normal to want to paint every day, after all you do not hurt your skin, if you take proper care with your face. But like everything in life, there are days when your face cries out for a break.

There are several very easy techniques with makeup that you can do to give yourself a natural look (and shorten your morning beauty routine), using a minimum of products on your face. And so get a light appearance, instead of covering your entire face with makeup, make with just a few touches, highlight your natural beauty.

BB- Cream

The good thing about this cream is that it acts as a makeup base, giving a uniform appearance and color to the entire face. In addition to moisturizing your skin, hide your imperfections, contain a sunscreen and leave your natural skin. It's as if you don't bring anything on your face!

Bronzing blush

If you want to look with a natural look, the worst mistake you can make when applying the blush is to put more on the bill or use a very strong color. Your blush color has to complement your skin and the bronzing blush is perfect for this, it even helps to sculpt your face, instead of using contour.

Use the right brush

Either for the blush or your makeup, the brush should be the right one, to have a perfect and natural finish. There are two angular and normal types, I recommend using the normal brush. Try to buy a professional brush, to leave you with a better finish. EYE! Before starting to apply it, once you have loaded the brush with dust, shake it in the air to remove the excess.

If you want to know more about the types of brushes, click HERE.

A lipstick approximated to the tone of your lips

Lips with very colorful tones, for nothing they give you a "natural" look. What you can do is use lipsticks in nude tone, so they will look perfect and at the same time natural.

Profiled eyebrows

Eyebrows really make a difference, they help you shape your face. They give you a natural look and at the same time make you look more attractive. Just try it!

Beauty Blender Sponge

It will be your best ally! Since it will leave you with a perfect finish on the foundation, they are easy to clean, use and get. You will not regret it!


The balm may not work as makeup or cover you with any imperfection. But what they do do is take care of your lips, so they will look perfect and beautiful in their natural state.


I admit, I am one more who has small and droopy eyelashes. If you are like me, what I recommend is to use a mascara, try to make it a light layer, or at least that no lumps of mascara are noticed.

False eyelashes

There are super natural false eyelashes, so you will not have to paint them, just apply them so that your eyes look fabulous without using makeup.

Vitamin C

I know that it does not count as makeup, but what you should know is that if you do not like to wear a base, contour or dust, vitamin C helps your skin to become silk. It gives you good hydration, helps repel sun damage, makes your face more flexible, and even helps you match the nuances of your face tone.

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