Accessories that go according to the neckline of your graduation gown

If you think you can wear a necklace, rings and bracelets with all kinds of dresses, then you should keep an eye on this. That way you won't ruin your graduation gown by choosing the jewels you will wear wrong. Check which accessories go with each type of neckline.


These types of dresses already have the necessary decoration to not use any type of necklace. Medium length earrings and a simple bracelet will be enough to complete your look.


With this type of neckline two combinations are worth. The first includes a short necklace and a bracelet. And the second long earrings and a bracelet.

Strapless or Straight

With these dresses it is necessary that you wear a short necklace, preferably a choker so that you do not want the prominence to the neckline. Include some small earrings and a ring if you wish.

V neck

With this type of necklines it is better not to wear any type of necklace, if you want accessories you will have to focus your attention on the earrings, rings or bracelets.


Forget the necklaces if you want to wear a dress of this style. Focus on long earrings and cute bracelets.

Queen Anna

These types of dresses do not give rise to any type of necklace. What you can wear are earrings, rings and bracelets. Try not to be too extravagant or you will look exaggerated.


Halter dresses don't get along with any type of necklace either. You can choose long or short earrings, bracelets and simple and elegant rings.

Long neck

In the same way, it doesn't matter if your turtleneck dress is plain, don't put any collar on it, focus on the other accessories.

Boat or tray neck

Long necklace and a bracelet is all you'll need with these dresses.


These dresses already bring all the accessories included in it. If you wear earrings choose a small one, and an equally simple bracelet.


Do not choose long necklaces, a short one will be more than perfect. Thin and simple rings.


As with the square neckline, the round one needs short necklaces and simple accessories.

Fallen shoulders.

Long earrings and a necklace will be divine with a dress of this style.

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