16 Combinations to achieve indie hair

Many girls have asked us for ideas to change to be able to radically change their look for a more alternative or independent one and finally here we have excellent options.

The Indie style for a long time was characterized by using only dark hair, but today this style has evolved in terms of the look and more and more girls take the synonym of “indie” as a style where they themselves decide how to look without having Than explain to anyone. That is why at present it is not a law that for this style, you should bring the hair of a single color.

We are sure that you will love these ideas and if you have a very independent personality, be sure that these colors will combine perfectly with you.
You can decide the amount and angle at which you want the different colors in your hair.

Pastel rainbow colors are something you should really try. If you have a natural brown color, you could achieve an excellent contrast with a metallic blue at the tips.

A combination of green and blue are excellent regardless of the color of your skin. It is a color that suits both brunettes and whites.

For the most daring and who have a radical desire to change their style.

A classic since it will never go out of style. This dye is also perfect for you if you have short hair.

This look is awesome.

If you want to keep dark hair, you can give it light with metallic tones. This girl shows you how it looks.

Another good idea if you want to keep the upper part of a darker color.

This girl is an excellent example of how the gradient would look if you are used to bring black or brown hair.

A very "grunge" style that can also fall into the indie category.

A gradient of color that goes from gray to pastel pink is a very good option for long-haired women.

If you want to do something less drastic but still with a lot of impact, you can paint the blond tips. Remember to ask for a layered haircut so that this gradient looks even better.

You also have the option to paint it all in one color. We especially recommend these 3 looks:

If your thing is to wear black, metallic purple is the color that suits you best.

If you prefer to wear white, blue, etc. A purple cake is a great option.

And if you want to go to safety, black is a color that every woman looks amazing. Which do you think to try?

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