Things you learn from life if you used brackets

Wearing brackets is not a simple thing, it is very uncomfortable, annoying, limiting and painful. The result is priceless and honestly I will never regret having endured them, they also taught me many things in life and I am sure that you too.

The brackets taught me ...

To realize how much tolerance I have for pain.

Now I know how strong I can be in the face of terrible headaches, sores in my mouth, to press my lip with metals and to get my fingers stuck in them too. I think I now heal faster and I complain less.

To be patient.

In the best case, a treatment lasts one year, but in my case they were 4. I had to be too patient not to tear them away and send everything to hell. Agora I am more patient with more banal things.

Now I know how many things the leagues are for.

I never thought that one day I would have so many leagues in my mouth, starting with the ones that go around the braces and also the ones that pull your teeth. The taste of plastic just doesn't bother me anymore.

I no longer fear dentists.

Most people fear dentists, but when you spend so much time with one you get used to everything. In addition to seeing the final result you love him madly.

I am more creative since then.

When a wire is constantly stuck in your cheek or lips, you should get creative to avoid it. So you give new use to things like chewing gum, cotton, tweezers (to try to bend the wire), etc.

Today I value my teeth more.

People who have used braces generally take care of their teeth much more, because they know the ordeal of having a beautiful denture.

I became a floss expert.

Brushing your teeth in between so much metal is very complicated, everything gets stuck between your teeth but you still become a hygiene expert. Today that you no longer have them, you don't know how you managed to do it but you know it was thanks to dental floss.

I value apples and hard food.

When you have brackets it is very complicated to bite an apple, an corn or peanuts. This is because everything hurts and brackets do not let you bite hard things, so you end up missing this type of food so much, that today you value them very much.

I learned to speak with a thousand things in my mouth.

Your mouth develops super powers, as you learn to speak with thousands of leagues in the mouth or with a plastic protector that covers all your teeth and prevents you from pronouncing the “r”.

I learned to kiss better than anyone.

You have to manage to kiss without opening your partner's lips with so much wire. Now I'm sure that now I kiss better than ever.

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