13 Gifts you can do by reusing your Starbucks glasses

How many coffees and other drinks have you had to this day in these glasses? Surely there have been so many that you already lost count. But it doesn't matter, as of today the story may be different, and if you reuse them you can make really original and beautiful gifts.

Take a look at this!

1. You can make a small kit inside it. Add some accessories for a good manicure, you can also include a gift card.

2. You can give an original mega glass, see how you can achieve it.

3. If you have a friend who has just finished with her ex, go home to comfort her and bring her some tissues in the most original way possible. The same and you even get a smile.

4. If you are going to give away underwear or a scarf, you can roll it into a glass and give it a super craving decoration.

5. If you want to give a necklace, a bracelet or a ring, do not use the usual case, better fill a glass with crepe paper and place the gift inside.

6. For this return to classes there will be no better way to organize your things.

7. If you know someone who likes to paint, bring some glasses together so he can paint more easily.

8. You can make a string of lights for the bedroom or for that special person's garden.

9. If you, your mom or your grandmother love to knit, you can make the process easier.

10. If you are going to have a party and do not know what to give to your guests, this is an economical and very attractive option.

11. An extremely original lamp.

12. The most beautiful way to give chocolates.

13. A bouquet of flowers with a gift card. Nothing bad!

Video: DIY STYLE Make a beauty glass bottle gift for personalised gifts by yourself -Step by Step (November 2019).