Squeeze, squeeze! These tender little balls will take your stress away

If you do not know how to handle your stress without hitting someone, then this is for you. These are cute and funny stress balls that will surely make you smile.

A squeeze has been said!

1. Balloons filled with flour.

2. Play-Doh filled balloons.

3. Depends where you squeeze it, makes a different face.

4. It looks disgusting, but it feels delicious.

5. Squeeze Paul!

6. Oh, what a beautiful thing.

7. Not with stress I stop being a fan.

8. So that the filling does not come out, everything is fine.

9. I want it!

10. I always wanted to squeeze one of these.

11. These would take away my stress just because of their tenderness.

12. How disgusting!

Video: Yoga For Stress Relief (November 2019).