8 Reasons why I don't believe in MARRIAGE

Unfortunately today, when talking about marriage, we are talking about things that probably end badly in our lives due to the way people act. It is worth mentioning that I cannot generalize or affirm that marriage is wrong, I can only give you the reasons why I do not believe in marriage. It probably has to do with the way I have lived, but regardless of the reason, I would love to know your opinion.

1. I do not think it's okay for a sheet to tell you that someone is already "yours".

Signing a paper in which you accept that you will be with a person all your life, I find it completely illogical. What unites a couple is love, their freedom, space and the things they have done together. If we see it coldly, signing a sheet in front of a judge is the same as signing a contract where you are buying a house and you must follow legal laws.

2. Love can end in a moment and it is not bad.

We all know that just as some friendships are broken, love can also be broken from one moment to another, and it does not mean that this is wrong, it is natural. If it happens it is simply because that couple no longer had to be together. The fact that a paper forces you to follow someone is not freedom, it seems unreal to me.

3. Marriage for many men is synonymous with "Having a slave to his wife".

I know that there are many well-educated men since childhood, but there are also others who at first are a love, but when they sign their marriage certificate, they begin to become "macho" who want their wife to do everything for them. I prefer not to have to go through this.

4. Divorce is a very painful process.

I lived the divorce of my parents and it was something extremely painful, not only for them, but for me too. And if that were not enough, it is expensive and stressful.

5. Many people get married thinking that marriage is synonymous with "stability".

Society has made us believe since we are little, that the goal of a woman is to marry, take care of children, be a good wife and thus you will be a stable and respected woman. I don't think that is stability!

6. It takes away your freedom to have your own loneliness.

There are people who by nature like to be alone without having to give explanations. In fact, I do not like explanations and I like to have the freedom to go and do what makes me feel good.

7. If you are a woman and do not change your last name, society sees you badly.

It is your decision if you decide to change your surname to your husband's, however I do not agree with these macho behaviors, because if you do not, many men or even society sees you as if you did not love your husband.

8. I never plan on getting married for a church.

I respect each other's religion, but I will not argue with someone about whether or not we should marry under a religious belief, let alone follow the traditions of that religion.

Finally I have to say something very important: The fact that you do not believe in marriage does not mean that you do not believe in eternal love.

If you are mine or you think differently, say it in the comments.