15 books that you won't be able to drop or go to the bathroom

If you do not know what to read, here we leave you the best 15 options. I am sure that any of these books will keep them on the edge of the seat and it will be impossible to stop reading them. You will not want to let them go or go to the bathroom!

1. Lost.

On a hot summer day, Amy and Nick are preparing to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in North Carthage, on the banks of the Mississippi River, but Amy disappears that morning without a trace. As the police investigation progresses the suspicion falls on Nick. However, Nick insists on his innocence.

2. What Alice Forgot

Upon awakening after a slight accident, Alice's first thoughts are for the son who waits and for her husband Nick, who will be worried. But neither she is pregnant nor Nick is at all worried; What's more, he is preparing the divorce. Soon Alice will discover with anguish that she has forgotten 10 whole years of her life and nothing of her surroundings is recognizable.

3. The language of flowers.

Inspired by the sophisticated code that Victorian society used to express feelings through flowers, Vanessa Diffenbaugh tells the emotional journey of a young Californian who, marked by a painful personal story, finds in this peculiar language the means to recover her ability to trust and love your fellow men

4. The silent wife.

It is about a marriage in the process of dissolution, a couple that goes straight to the catastrophe, the concessions that cannot be made and promises that will not be fulfilled. It will catch you from the first page.

5. I before you.

Before you, I gather two people who could not have less in common in a movingly romantic novel with a question: What would you decide when making the person you love happy also destroy your heart?

6. Brain on fire: My crazy month.

At twenty-four years old, Susannah Cahalan woke up alone in a hospital room, tied to her bed and unable to move or talk, she didn't remember how she got there. Days before, he was on the threshold of his adult life: at the beginning of his first serious relationship and with a promising career in a major New York newspaper. What happened?

7. Under the same star.

Hazel and Gus would like to have more ordinary lives. Some would say that they were not born with stars, that their world is unfair. Hazel and Gus are only teenagers, but if something has taught them the cancer they both suffer, there is no time for regrets, because we like it or not, there is only today and now. And so, with the intention of making Hazel's greatest wish come true - to meet his favorite writer -, they will cross the Atlantic together to live a timeless adventure as cathartic as heartbreaking.

8. Thief of books.

In the middle of World War II, little Liesel will find her salvation in reading. A beautiful novel, tremendously human and exciting, that describes the adventures of a nine-year-old German girl from the time she is given up for adoption by her mother until the end of the war. His new family, simple people and nothing affects Nazism, teaches him to read and through the books Rudy manages to get distracted during the bombings and fight sadness. But it is the book that she is writing that will ultimately save her life.

9. The snow girl

In the silent snowy forests of Alaska, the appearance of a mysterious and wild girl will change the life of a couple who had taken refuge in that white spot, fleeing from the sadness and monotony of the city. A moving story about love, illusion, second chances and the ability to believe, set in the beautiful and rugged mountains of a country as beautiful as hard, as challenging as it is inspiring.

10. The secret of my husband.

Imagine that your husband had written a letter for you to open after his death. Imagine also that the letter contained its darkest and best kept secret, capable of destroying your life together and other people's lives. Imagine, then, that you would find the letter while your husband was still in full power.

11. Defending Jacob

When they discover the body of Ben Rifkin, just fourteen years old, in the middle of the forest with three stabs in the chest, the paradisiacal community of Newton loses his innocence at once. The assistant district attorney, Andy Barber, takes over a case that becomes a priority. However, when his son Jacob, Ben's classmate, is accused of the crime, Andy will not only lose his job, but he will see how the world he worked so hard to build begins to falter.

12. Sarah's key.

Paris, July 1942. The authorities arrest 13,000 Jews before the eyes of Parisians who remain silent because of fear, indifference or simple interest, since they hope to occupy empty houses. Little Michel is hidden in a closet to escape the raid. His sister Sarah closes the door to protect him and keeps the key thinking that he will return in a few hours. However, the fate of the Starzynski is to star in one of the most lucrative pages in gala history.

13. The devil in the white city.

The real story of the architect who created the great universal exhibition of Chicago in 1893 and of the man who wanted to destroy it by sowing terror. Larson takes us to the Chicago of the late nineteenth century to tell us the true story of two men united by a dream that became a nightmare. Real story that reads like a novel.

14. When she woke up.

Hannah Payne, daughter, sister, lover, has been convicted of the murder of her unborn child and has to suffer the consequences of her impure acts. In this version of the future of the United States, criminals are no longer sent to jail to avoid the expense they generate; Instead, criminals are being injected with a virus that transforms their skin to a bright color to signal their crime to society. Yellow, for misdemeanors, blue for child abuse, green for crimes such as fire, assault, theft and red for murder - Hannah's crime.

15. The kitchen house.

A heartbreaking story of hope and ultimately class, race, dignity, deeply buried secrets, and family ties. A story that will turn your heart around.