25 Momentos INCOMMODOS that someday you have had to live

I do not know anyone who can say that he has not had to live most of these uncomfortable moments at some stage of their lives.

1. That day you said a joke, nobody laughed at him and you questioned your abilities as a comedian.

2. That moment when you explained something to your best friend for an hour and at the end you realize that you have not really understood the point of what you have been talking about.

3. When your friends know that you know something and you have not told them.

4. That uncomfortable moment when you go on a public transport and you see someone get up who you think will assault you or harass you during the journey.

5. The face you put on when a friend you told her you're on a diet finds you eating junk food.

6. That uncomfortable moment when you have had a boyfriend for more than 4 years and sincerely do not know where the relationship is going.

7. That day they gave you a pirated product and pretended that you loved it and that you would use it every day.

8. That moment when you do not know whether to confess to the boy you're dating that before you met him you had a cosmetic surgery. (Nose, chin, breasts, etc).

9. It all happened to us.

10. That day that a friend introduced you to someone, he left and left you talking to that person alone.

11. That day when the bus suddenly stopped, you ended up grabbing anyone who was around you and they saw your face afraid of dying.

12. That day you finally kissed that person who you liked for a long time and it really was not as you expected.

13. That day that your friend invited you to his house.

14. That uncomfortable moment when one of your friends offers to try a drug for the first time.

15. When a boyfriend you have been with just a short time says "I love you" and you just do not know what to say.

16. It has happened to me so many times.

17. That uncomfortable moment when your computer is against you and does not want you to sleep despite having been doing homework all night.

18. When your teacher helps the partner next door.

19. That uncomfortable moment when you do not find how to tell a friend that she looks ridiculous with what she is wearing.

20. That day you ate a whole bag of Chettos, and now no matter how much you want to wash them and remove the color, you can not.

21. That uncomfortable moment when you realized that it was time to start losing weight.

22. When you collided head-on with a stranger while walking down the street and this happened to you.

23. That day you preferred to stay until 5:00 am watching a series and the next day your teacher asked you why you brought that tired face.

24. When a friend of yours tells you that he already feels thinner even though he has only been in the gym for 2 days.

25. It has happened to me so many times.

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