21 Nonsense phrases that moms use to control you

It seems that when women become mothers, a chip inside their head is activated automatically giving them strange and meaningless phrases that they will use to control their children for the rest of their lives.

All these phrases were told to me by my mother to the point of exhaustion and I know that to you too. Despite this we love them.

1. Do not go out with hot eyes because you will go blind.

2. You can not go out, you just eat and your mouth can be clogged.

3. Do not raise your hand or it will dry out.

4. I tell you for your sake.

5. When you have your house you will have your own rules, while you will follow mine.

6. Because I am your mother.

7. Follow him and I will give you free orthodontics.

8. Do not turn your eyes or you will stay like this.

9. Do not swallow your gum or it will give you embarrassment.

10. You eat everything! There are thousands of children in Africa who would like to eat it.

11. If you do not eat it, you have dinner and if you do not eat it.

12. Straighten up! Hump ​​is going to come out.

13. Do not put your mouth in my mouth or it will stay like that.

14. You are or I am.

15. I give you 3 to make you feel.

16. If you're not at peace, he'll come and steal guys for you.

17. If you do not arrive at the agreed time, you will see. This is not a hotel!

18. I gave you my life, I can take it from you.

19. Stop eating junk or you will get worms.

20. Do not talk to me like that! Your tongue is going to fall.

21. Play of hands is of villains.

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