The most ridiculous canvases that were made in the name of love

Making a canvas or blanket (whatever you want to call it), to be loved to show how much you love it, is much more common than you think. But making one like these is priceless. I have no words to describe them.

If you plan to resort to this strange method of conquest, please do not look like any of these.

Only Chuchu knows that this canvas is his, and what better way to ask forgiveness than in high voltage cables.

We know that the Ticos can not pronounce the "R", but did not know that they did not write it either. O_o

If you are going to apologize that the words come from your heart, not from a song. ¬¬

That's loveā€¦

Many say the world will end in 2015, but she is sure it will be when the sun goes down, and she will still love it.

I suppose the drawings are dogs that also miss her, right? Or maybe they have bears.

What the hell did he mean?

Juntimonio! I think it's a crystal clear that he wants a wedding. xD

And why not make one to the saint?

After 6 hours trying to decipher this, it says: "Let's try it again, I swear that now it will work". If she were she would run without leaving clues.

Direct and precise, without detours or trivia.

The most horrendous marriage request in the universe. Tell him no!

God also put his pennies for the canvas. ;)

If they had many things to say ... fuck. It does not fit, so we do 2.

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