10 Types of TEACHERS you have in the SECONDARY

High school was one of the best times of my life, and if something taught me is that teachers seem to come from an alternate dimension, and that no matter what school you were, each has identical characteristics according to the subject they teach.

Here is his classification.


Mathematicus primitivus:He is usually a man, no matter how old he always feels super gallant, he leaves his mustache and never loses the opportunity to try to flirt with the students, (which could well be his daughters). Wear pants that are tighter than recommended for your gender. Always try to trust him by becoming your friend, is what we commonly call today as "Chavo Ruco".


Fisicus Cansadus: For some strange reason they are always lethargic men, without a sense of current fashion and with sparse hair. They have no patience and you never understand what they are saying, not because of the complexity of the material but because of its terrible diction.


Gramaticus Perfectus: Do not ask me why but they always have curly hair, they are not very tall and they have a very strange sense of humor that only they understand. Despite being experts in spelling and grammar rules, they will never pronounce your name or surname well.


Clasicus Pasadus: In general, the person who imparts this material is a tall woman with short hair, her clothing stayed in the past and even seems to be always dusty, like a book that has not been removed in years from its shelf. The lenses are your particular sign and your tone of voice seems to magically lull you in each class.


Fosilus Extrañus: I do not know why the teachers in this area are always overweight, short hair and tend to be elderly. Some of them may well be fossils already.

Physical education.

Demonius Locus: They always want you to be short, no matter if it's 7 o'clock in the morning and you're at 3 ° C. They make you train in the military style as if you were preparing for war. You will never see them in other clothes that are not pants and they will never exercise with you, they only observe you as if they were going to jump on you and attack you.


Geographus Sabiondus: They know how to say exactly where each country, state and city is. They feel knowledgeable about the world but have never traveled. They seem to have an agreement with the stationers, because they love to ask you for the famous "Mapa Mundis".

Civic and ethical formation. (Values)

Eticus Dementus: They are always seniors who try to instill values ​​in young people, they usually have talks with themselves aloud during class. They have zero tolerance for disrespect and exploit with great ease.


Femeninus Exoticus: Always but always the most beautiful or sexy teacher, her clothes are tight, she only knows how to walk in heels and exaggerates in the use of makeup. Its pronunciation is terrible but it can not hurt anyone.

Artistic education. (Plastic)

Plasticus Excentricus: They are always too eccentric and strange men, they leave their hair long, they know how to play all the instruments, and the nail of their little finger is always very long, there is a rumor that if you cut it, it loses its power.


No matter what workshop you have or had in high school, there were always two teachers who were dating and tried to hide it without success. Almost always, and without fear of being wrong was the Technical Drawing with the Mechanics.


Leyendus Urbanus: The existence of the Director in the school is like an urban legend, very few have seen it but everyone knows it is there. You are rarely seen and nobody knows what your role is at school, you only know that those who have entered your office never return.


Limpiadorus Maximus: They are usually seniors who have more authority than the director himself. Respected people at all levels who scold and punish you without even touching your heart. They have more years in school than any teacher.


Autoritarius nulus: Its function is to control the students and maintain order, but curiously you never see them when the problems appear, but when the calm reigns again they appear with their typical maruchan.

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