Phrases that you should not tell a woman who decided NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN

Nowadays there are more and more women who decide not to have children. Regardless of whether you are single or married, becoming a mother is not a priority or goal in your life. And there is always a person who, due to a lack of culture or education, does not respect the decision to reject motherhood, and they feel they have the right to express their opinion about it.

We do not all like the same things, nor are we all dentists or teachers. To be a mother, vocation is also needed, and not all of us were born to be one. So the next time you find a woman who decided to live her life differently, avoid saying these things.

Let's learn to respect!

1. It's a bad decision.

2. Now that I have children, my life makes sense!

3. Do you think you're tired? You will not know what it is to be tired until you have children.

4. You are being very selfish.

5. You will change your mind when you meet the right person.

6. You are against your nature.

7. At your age your mother already had three children.

8. You're missing out on the best things in life.

9. You will not understand me until you're a mother.

10. When you are old you will regret it.

11. To whom you will inherit your things if you do not have children.

12. You would be a great mother.

13. Do not get married if you do not want to, but have a child so you do not stay alone.

14. You'd better hurry up and give your husband a son, before he finds someone who does.

15. Until you have a child you will know what true love is.

16. Do not you worry that there will not be anyone to take care of you when you're old?

17. Your biological clock advances and when you finally decide your body will not be able to.

18. I did not invite you to my little one's party because you do not have children.

19. What a waste of life! Women were born to be mothers.

20. He can repent, all men want children and maybe you can not, but he can.

And so many women react when another says: "I decided that I will never have children, motherhood is not for me."

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