20 Things you should never tell an overweight woman

Sometimes we do not measure what we say in front of people and we could hurt feelings. The issue of overweight is one of the most vulnerable, people who have it already have enough problems so that we do not measure our words.

1. I know a great diet!

2. I could give you diabetes, you know?

3. Are you pregnant?

4. Are you sure you want dessert?

5. You should wear black, it makes you look thinner.

6. You should not use horizontal stripes.

7. You are not chubby, you are wide-boned.

8. Do not worry! Many men prefer large women.

9. Have you already done thyroid tests?

10. What matters is inner beauty.

11. How is your diet?

12. I do not think you should eat that.

13. But you are very pretty! If you lose some weight you'll look better

14. Is it very difficult to lose weight?

15. I support you, real women have curves.

16. It's great that you are not ashamed of your body.

17. How much do you weigh?

18. I would like to be as safe as you.

19. You should start exercising.

20. Tell her nickname "Chubby".

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