15 Things I promise you, if you decide to spend your whole life with me. Atte: A Man

I thought that love was something that was only given in the Disney stories, until one day I got to know my princess and I realized the meaning of that word.

Here 15 things that every man should promise to the great love of his life.

I promise to make you laugh every day of my life, even when you are going through the most difficult moment, I will manage to get you a smile.

I promise to look you in the eyes and not only to hear you, but to understand what you tell me and to give you my point of view, even if you do not agree with him.

I promise to be honest with my feelings, even on some occasions you might get to see me cry. I hope that in those difficult times, you can understand me and just embrace.
I promise to trust you always. Not only do I like you physically but also your values ​​and your way of thinking.

I promise to stop doing anything if you find yourself in an emergency. The most important thing will be that you are well and know that you can count on me.
I promise not to yell at you, let alone hit you, no matter how angry you may be.
I promise that if we ever have a girl, I will tell you how wonderful you are.
I promise to be faithful and not out of obligation, but because I am 100% sure that my heart is completely yours.
I promise to make you feel wonderful things in moments of passion.
I promise to accompany you in all the crazy things you want to do in your life.
I promise to support you in the professional decisions you want to make, you are a great woman and able to get where you want.
I promise that I will never let someone speak ill of you, not even my own mother.
I promise to always try to look good for you.
I promise not to faint in front of everyone the day we get married.
I promise to make you the happiest woman in this world.

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