Things that happen to everyone who uses BRACKETS

All people who used or use braces, will agree with me when I say that it is the most annoying, hateful and painful thing a person can endure in the name of beauty. No one tells you everything you are going to suffer when you decide to submit to this archaic procedure. They never warn you of all the hardships and privations to which you will be subjected during one or more years.

If you had braces, I have something to tell you: Respect!

And if you still have them, Resist!

They just put braces on you, and you have no idea how you should close your lips now. You feel that your mouth has grown and that you look swollen, just as if you were doing a trunk all the time. Also, it seemed that you produced more drool, because you spend it spitting when talking.

You discover that you can not bite at all, first because of the pain, and second because everything, absolutely everything, gets stuck in your brackets. It is also very difficult to get all that food out of there.

Did you like to bite sweets, apples and peanuts? Forget this! If you dare to do it, you will throw out the brackets of your teeth, and you will have to go to the dentist to have it glued to you.

You will have to taste that disgusting and extra glue acid that your dentist loves so much. Place it on the tooth to paste the box and inexplicably end up tasting and swallowing. It's disgusting!

If you had metal crowns on the back molars, you will know that they are the reincarnated demon. All the time you are injured in the internal walls of the cheeks, and if the wire was too long, you will have holes everywhere. They will also bleed and hurt you to the point of wanting to kill someone.

That's right, sometimes instead of plastic garters, your dentist placed a wire that tightened even more. Those wires that were upward, you laceraban all the oral cavity.

These leagues are death, they pull your teeth mercilessly, it's too painful and they know something, the damn ones burst! It was like crashing a league in the fingers.

You had a tooth too crooked, and they arranged it for you like that. It was something you did not want or your worst enemy.

Flossing is impossible, that's why your dentist gave you these brushes, they were the only wonder that managed to take away the kilos of food that you had until drinking water.

Everything, absolutely everything about the treatment hurt you. Every wire in your mouth was a torture device. And instead of your dentist giving you these wonders that could have avoided hundreds of scars inside your mouth ...

... he gave you this damn pink wax. You were supposed to put some of it on all the wires that were going through you. But it did not work! It always fell down and never looked good. The wires ran through it, so it was like I wanted to make fun of you.

That's right, when you finished the hellish treatment, they gave you these protectors that you should always use, even to sleep, and you should use them for a very long time. It was impossible to talk to them, you spit, you spoke weird, and you could never pronounce the "R".

This image fully explains the pain you feel each time your braces are adjusted.

And yes, once you take them off, you have the smile you always wanted, but your teeth are stained.

And here is your painful torture in seconds. : '(

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