Things you do not have to tolerate in life

There are many things that we tolerate in life so that living together with others is more bearable, however there are things that if we continue to tolerate it will affect us emotionally and only reinforce the negative behavior of other people.

We do not have to tolerate the things that harm us, regardless of who weighed. Enough to live to please others, it is time to live and be happy, to give a positive direction to our existence.

1. To the people taken advantage of.

Do not tolerate any kind of relationship that makes you feel miserable, the contact with another human being must be enriching, full of learning and good intentions. If you do not form healthy links, what's the point?

2. Unhappiness at work.

You spend almost half a life working, is it really worth suffering all this time? Think about the opportunities that you are missing because you believe that to grow you have to suffer.

3. Negativity.

There is already enough negative news in the media that you still tolerate negative people. Get away from that, enrich your life with something that makes you happy, do not pay attention to bad opinions, if something makes you happy you're on the right path.

4. Conformism.

Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Are you sedentary? Do you abuse alcohol and other substances? Carrying a sickly lifestyle leads to unhappiness, once you feel and look bad, you become unable to enjoy life. We only have one life and our body is our sacred temple. Take care of him now.

5. Pressures of society.

If you do not feel happy maybe it is because you are trying to fit into a society full of stereotypes, which you will never reach, because they are false. When you stop trying to fit in and concentrate on developing your uniqueness, you will find happiness.

6. Disorder

The environment where you live often reflects who you are. Your personal space should reflect the same joy, order and peace you desire in your life. It must be clean, organized and provide a sense of comfort for you and your guests.

7. Impuntuality.

Time is precious and can not be recovered, if you are punctual, you do not have to tolerate the tardiness of others, it is a lack of respect. People have to learn that they should not play with others' time.

8. Live without fun.

"A day without laughing is a waste day". If you have a life that consists merely of work, then you live with a lot of imbalance. Relax and have fun are the essential ingredients for a full and happy life.

9. The lies.

Not being dishonest and getting away from the people who are, will improve your life in an unimaginable way.

10. Inconsistency.

Do you live according to your values? Are you faithful to yourself? Do you need to apologize or apologize for something? Living or acting out moral integrity causes a painful disturbance in the soul and mind. Tolerating someone incongruous will bring chaos to your life.

11. The abuse.

Tolerate the mistreatment towards the defenseless and towards those who have no voice, makes you an accomplice. Raise your voice, only then will we end up with those people without criteria.

12. The lack of respect.

Tolerating people with bad education will make your soul consume slowly. The fact that they get in line, that they park in places for the disabled or that they attack someone, only reinforces the wrong behavior of the people. Making them see in a polite way puts a grain of sand.

Video: Sadhguru on How To Never Get Angry or Bothered By People (January 2020).