11 Things you'll never be happy about with people and that they do not deserve any EXPLANATION!

This life is full of 2 types of people. Some are the ones who live a whole life of appearances wanting to fit in the "correct" standards of society and the others are those that we let ourselves go by what our instincts and our heart say, always taking care not to affect third parties.

Unfortunately the first type of person always tries to correct you and criticizes everything you do, that's why today I can affirm that ...

People will never be happy with:

1. The profession you want to devote to.

If you want to be a bar-tender, footballer or hang a trapeze in a circus, people should not care, it's your life and you do what you want with it.

2. Where do you want to travel?

The fear and ignorance of people always causes them to want to make you doubt where you want to travel. If you want to go to Africa, there are many diseases, if you want to go to Asia, the food is very ugly, if you want to go to South America, there is a lot of insecurity.
Do not give explanations! You just take care to know the world and do not let anyone scare you.

3. With your friends.

People will always criticize your friends, because it is one of the easiest ways to hurt yourself and make you feel bad. Remember that only you know the enormous heart they have, not for something you chose them to be your friends.

4. With the things you eat.

There is nothing more annoying for people, than the fact that you have become vegetarian or vegan, always make fun of that. But leave them, their minds are too inferior to understand your motives, so you do not need to give them an explanation, everyone is free to eat whatever they want.

5. The way you spend your money.

You have worked hard to have your money, you know what you spend it on. Envious people would not even need to meddle in that.

6. With whom you leave.

That if he is thin, fat, dark, blond, rich, poor, etc. The only person who should care and love is you.

7. The altruistic things you get to do.

People will never seem to help someone you do not know for no reason. The envy of the people will always make them be against this. From helping a dog on the street, as well as helping a person who suffered from a natural disaster in another part of the world, people will never understand it. You keep doing it, this will fill your heart with love.

8. Your way of seeing things.

If you see them pink, people will always tell you to see them black.

9. The way you dress.

If you love to change the color of your hair, paint yourself differently, dress with new clothes, it's your problem. The boring people who have lived with the same style for 30 years will not understand your way of being.

10. Your sexual preferences.

Straight, gay, etc. Does matters? We can all go through stages of experiencing what we like and what makes us feel good. What matters is not the gender, but the human quality of the person we like.

11. Your religion.

Do not give explanations if you do not believe in absolutely nothing and in the same way if you are a very religious person. Discussions of this kind will always exist, so you believe in what you believe you do not have to give explanations.

Just take charge of being yourself, the only one you should like is you.