10 Signs that you found the love of your life

For a large part of our lives, we dream of the moment when we will meet that person with whom we can finally fully understand each other, so much so that we do not want to let go in life.

It is said that at least once in your life the great love of your life crosses with you, so for that reason we will give you these 9 signs that will help you to identify that moment arrived and that you should never let it go again.

1. Communicate with looks.

It is not necessary to make him understand with a great explanation, sometimes with a glance, a handshake or a smile perfectly understand what is happening around him.

2. Your happiness is your happiness and vice versa.

You know that he is the right one because he is good to you in every possible way. He wants the best for you even if it means that he has to sacrifice some things in order to see you happy. The important thing is that inside you know that you would do exactly the same for him.

3. If you had the worst day of your life in school-work and all you want is to be with him.

Sometimes we all have a day of crap in which we want to be alone, but when this does not happen to you and inside you think: "The only thing I want is to reach and embrace me" since you know that with him everything will be fine and it will make you laugh.

4. Attraction is not lost.

It is strange to describe it, but there comes a time when there is a strong attraction to that person, both physical, mental and emotional, which merge and cause no one else to care about him.

An example is when they go to eat or are in the house watching a movie, and when you see it inside you say: "How handsome he is".

5. The opportunity presented itself but you were not unfaithful.

Life gives us tests and one of them is fidelity. Many of us are not faithful when in fact we do not see a future with a person, but if the opportunity presented itself and you rejected ortho man, congratulations, you have passed the test!

6. You want to share all the new experiences with him.

Example: If you want to travel to a new country, you just can not imagine doing it without it.

7. You already consider it your family.

Even if they are not married and although they do not live together yet, you already know that only you and he are already a new family, and that with the passage of time they will want to make it bigger.

8. When they get angry, it's because of insignificant things.

In all relationships there are discussions, but as long as these are for insignificant things, there is no problem. Confidence has made them confident that they will never fight out of jealousy or fear that the other person is hiding something that could really hurt you.

9. Not only does he listen to you, he truly understands what you want to say.

It is not enough simply to hear what a person wants to say, you need that person to understand your point about what you are saying and if that person does, you will not find a better life partner.

10. If he has told you from the heart that you are his best friend.

I think it's pretty clear.

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