The 11 worst boyfriends according to their profession

As if all the things we should look for in a man to choose him as a couple were not enough, now we also have to check what he is doing, because that could be an inconvenience. Some professions absorb more than others and if you are not willing for your boy to pay more attention to his work than you, then avoid the following professions when looking for a partner.


It is a job that requires a lot of creativity and long working hours, it is usually very poorly paid and it is said that photographers prefer to hold their camera than your hand.


If you are not a lover of reading, there will be a problem, they tend to be absorbed for long periods of time, because when ideas attack them, forget about them.


Their work prevents them from being on special and important dates with you, they will always work even if they do not want to.


Their schedules are very complicated and work keeps them in constant stress. If you think he'll only be planning romantic dinners, you're wrong.


They literally do not have a second free, they live between emergencies and their schedules are deadly. Their income is high but they do not usually have stable and lasting relationships, because they are never there to procure them.


If you are jealous, stay away from the teachers and more from the University students, because they will be surrounded by girls all day.


They are not creative, they usually live in a square world that they only assimilate as they understand it. It may seem charming, but they are unsociable and very shy. If you are an outgoing girl, an engineer is not your best option.


They have something of evil, hard and the canine does not trust people. A poll says that lawyers are often vindictive and turn stunts into lawsuits, they also have a reputation as drinkers.


Here we include painters, musicians, dancers, etc. They are people very focused on getting recognition and fame, they are not usually stable in their relationships, they are more liberal and this can clash with conservative ideas about couple relationships, they are usually infidels.


These guys can give their lives to help other people, they are honest, trustworthy and sensitive to the needs of others, but they will surely leave you planted to support someone who needs them more.


Those who safeguard the integrity of the inhabitants of a nation have complicated schedules that often leave them without time for personal life, in addition to constantly risking their lives.

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