16 Reasons why we do not accept being your GIRLFRIEND

Men, I hope you do not take this the wrong way, but today I am going to tell you the reasons why you may not get a girlfriend:

1. Your mouth smells ugly.

Possibly you have not noticed but you could be suffering halitosis, which becomes a martyrdom if you get close to a person. Obviously, because of grief we will never tell you, but as a tip, always ask a friend or family member if they smell your mouth.

2. You scratch your parts a lot or you get the snot.

Although it sounds funny, it is not! Many men before we tell them that we want to be their girlfriends, begin to feel very much in "confidence" doing things that are normal for them, but that leave us with a high degree of disgust, and this makes us think: "If that's right now, I can not imagine in the future."

3. Do not try to dance and you stay sitting all night.

It is common that when some men go out partying, they remain seated for the pain of not knowing how to dance. We do not care if you're not Michael Jackson or if you do not know how to dance salsa well, what we care about is having a good time and seeing how you try to make us happy.

4. They want to know all of our loving past.

Why the hell do they always ask what your ex was like? It's worth it! What was in the past, stays in the past. Do not be unsure of yourself.

5. Be a cheapskate.

Lately all men complain that when they invite a woman to a cafe they pay everything, and forget everything we do for them, for example, we buy cute clothes so we can see beautiful for them, go to apply nails to see us super women or even we get a new haircut that cost us a fortune, and everything just to please them more.

So take it into account, sometimes it's not that we want them to pay for everything, but that they also put on our shoes and know that we stay poor to like them even more.

6. That you like to watch programs for people with few neurons on TV.

This includes being football fans and you can not miss your team's game every weekend. And do not even think to say: "I see Laura from America just because she makes me laugh" It's not a pride, believe me.

7. Be more jealous than my dad.

There are men who are super jealous and we still do not tell them that we do want to be their girlfriends.

8. Your jealous friends.

Never miss the small group of pedant friends of your boy who speak badly behind your back, if he does not put a stop to them the best thing is to tell him, Bye!

9. You have mamitis.

Those who are not familiar with this term, it means that you can not yet take off from your family and needs the approval of the mother to do anything, almost even to be able to breathe. Weakness!

10. They look for a fight every time they leave.

There are men who, more than acting as civilized people, act as cavemen who explode for any minor problem and seek a lawsuit with anyone, from a waiter to someone who got in their car while driving.

11. They drive like fools wanting to impress.

I know so many men who think that by driving above the speed limit we will be impacted by their abilities. The only thing we think about you is, "poor devil, I do not want you to kill me."

12. That they are not punctual.

If they say: "See you at 8 pm", at that time and not at 8:50.

13. That they are not educated with their parents or worse, that they do not cross a word with them.

There are some men who, when we invite them to eat with our family, remain silent, or in the worst cases, they show their bad education by saying profanities. How awful!

14. They tell us anecdotes about their ex.

However bizarre it may sound, there are many men who talk about their ex to the girl they are trying to flirt with. Fail.

15. That you like your iPhone more than us.

It is increasingly typical that many guys pay more attention to their notifications on the iPhone, than to what we are saying.

16. That they have a closed mentality.

By this I mean that they are homophobic or anything else that should no longer exist in this world. Live and let live.

The pure truth, I'm sure many girls could agree.

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