The 16 richest Mexican appetizers you should try before saying you do not like them!

There is no doubt that Mexican cuisine is one of the most extensive and delicious that exists worldwide, however some dishes are not to everyone's taste, either because of their appearance or their origin. These are some snacks that you should try sooner or later and I assure you that you will love them.

1. Toast of leg.

2. Language blocks.

3. Carnitas (Horn, nana, cheek, leather, solid etc).

4. Gut tacos.

5. Quesadillas of brains.

6. Maguey worm tacos.

7. Moronga (Blood).

8. Machitos (intestines).

9. Criadillas, testicles of beef or lamb.

10. Liver onions.

11. Mushroom quesadillas.

12. Huitlacoche, is the corn fungus that is made by moisture.

13. Tuetano. It is found inside the bones.

14. Sweetbreads.

15. Chicken necks.

16. Grasshoppers.

What have you tried and what do you know?

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