19 Tricks that will make your house as great as you always dreamed

If you want your home to be more efficient and great at the same time, these 20 tricks will leave you open-mouthed and with hands on the job. Some are simpler than others, but a bit of creativity is enough to achieve them in your home.

Make a small hole in the bar of your kitchen to store things, they will save you space and they will look great.

If your bathroom does not have windows, place reflective tiles, this will give you more light and a touch of elegance.

Transforms the last drawer of the bathroom furniture on a stool so that the smallest reach the sink.

Turn one of your drawers into a chopping board with a hole where the garbage can be deposited.

If your staircase is very deep, take advantage of the space and place a resting place.

Place this type of signs so that guests know where the bathroom is.

Save space in the small room with removable beds.

You can make your room something magical by placing a passageway where only he can enter.

Use stainless steel contact paper to make your appliances more elegant.

If your kitchen or pantry store shares a wall with the garage, you can make a door to save time in the transportation of food.

Each member of the family can have their toilet seat.

Use Dutch doors in the rooms where you want to see and control your little ones.

Deployable drainer to save space.

An incredible way to make a hallway look more spacious and useful.

Use the fake drawers to make contacts.

Or to put paper towels.

Heat-sensitive mosaics will make your shower the best.

Place half of a table in your bathroom, it will give you the possibility of placing things on top.

If you do not want your contacts to ruin your spaces, put them in the drawers.

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