Discover what type of MOM you are according to your zodiac sign

The zodiacal signs say a lot about our personality and these also help us to know what kind of mom you are or will be in this facet of your life, as well as what your strengths and weaknesses are. Discover what the stars have in store for you.

Mama Aries.

They are usually tax and protective moms, they are 100% sure that there is no love without discipline, and even if they seem too rude, their love manages to create independent and successful children.

Mama Taurus

They are calm and want their children to be equal to them, not to unbalance them and allow them to carry out their activities. They are distrustful of their children and try to solve problems rationally.

Mama Gemini.

They are friendly moms who let their children do what they want, they always doubt their capacity as mothers, they try to be extremely affectionate and understanding, and sometimes they do not put enough limits.

Mom Cancer.

Moms cancer are the typical "Mamás Gallina", they always want to have their chicks by their side and protect them from the whole world. Aon demanding but loving. They invest a lot of time in them and they tend to be very demanding.

Mom Leo.

She needs to be the perfect mother and her children recognize him, tell her how much they love her. They are excellent mothers although sometimes they demand too much.

Mama Virgo.

They are not usually very expressive orally with their love but they show it with attitudes. They are fearful and paranoid with the care of their children, but at the same time very reasonable.

Mom Libra.

They are protective mothers, loving and stubborn, always believe they are right and that is why they always argue with their children. She wants to be fair to everyone, so they are friendly and very understanding.

Scorpio Mom.

Take care of your children like a lioness, is loving and absorbing, demands too much but knows how to balance it with love and fun.

Mama Sagittarius

She is very distracted, she is one of those moms who can forget the child in the mall. She is a very liberal mother and tries to give wings to her little ones so that they learn to fly away from her. She is very loving and does not demand too much.

Mom Capricorn.

He wants everything in his house to work according to his criteria, it is very hard, but children, whenever they need it, will find refuge and understanding in it.

Mother Aquarius.

She is very understanding and permissive, she is a very loving mother but she has a hard time putting limits and sometimes this causes them to do whatever they want with her. She is too loving and can talk about everything with her.

Mama Pisces

She is a self-sacrificing mother who prefers to suffer her to suffer her children, needs to love her but is more satisfied to love and care. She is very obsessive with the care of the little ones, she does not need recognition but she does not forget her.

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