14 Reasons to love the body you already have

No matter how your body is, the important thing is that you respect and want it as it is, so if you ever felt bad with your body (as happened to me), I give you these tips that helped me a lot .

1. Your life is not going to be different.

Your life will not be different if your body is a little different. All the people who love you will do it in the same way, no matter what you weigh. Also, you will not win any prize for losing weight. Think about it!

2. Your time is valuable.

It's not worth wasting it worrying about your figure. Better use it at a breakfast with your childhood friend, reading a book that really thrills you, or doing a deep cleaning of your closet (finally you can remove all those old clothes that you no longer use).

3. The food is delicious and made to be eaten.

You can not spend your entire life depriving yourself of all the delights that exist, such as cakes, crepes, muffins, donuts. No, we are not saying that you get stuck with food, just remember that from time to time it does not hurt.

4. The most important thing is that you are healthy.

Is your health in danger? Do you need to lose weight because your doctor told you to do it? Do not? Then do not worry! Just exercise and eat well, it's all you need.

5. The appearance is not permanent.

Would you like to waste your whole life wishing you had been different? Or do you prefer to enjoy the surprises and joys that each age has prepared for you?

6. There is no "perfect" body.

Seek to achieve the perfect body is an idea as silly and wrong as wanting to get up to all the games of a park attractions without queuing.

7. Studies show.

Studies show that people who eat what they want when they crave it and stop when they have enough, are less likely to have weight problems. Eating should not be about deprivation, simply about making conscious decisions.

8. Vanity.

Nobody will notice if you lose or gain a few pounds for vanity. It is possible that you do not notice it either.

9. Sometimes you want to have a cocktail with sugar.

All diets will limit you to just having a glass of wine or a glass of whiskey with mineral water (or worse, natural). This is cool zero.

10. Cakes

It feels horrible to feel that you can not afford to eat a slice of cake in the office. What about the offices and the cakes? It seems that cakes magically appear in offices, as do wet floor signs. Except that cakes are a source of joy, and better yet, a pretext to socialize.

11. Stereotypes of beauty.

Remember that beauty stereotypes are determined by Hollywood (A place that is full of madness). Jennifer Lawrence confessed "In Hollywood, I'm obese. I am considered a fat actress. I eat just like a caveman. I'm the only actress who does not have rumors of anorexia! I will never allow myself to die of hunger. I am invisible. I do not want little girls to think: I want to look like Katniss, that's why I'm going to skip dinner. "

12. Achievements

Surely you already have many achievements to show off and lowering the tummy does not have to be one of them. Did you become the company's director at age 30, doubled your salary at age 28, and are you in a relationship with someone who adores you? Your life is completely perfect no matter how you look.

You are beautiful just as you are!

via: cosmoenespañol