10 MARRIAGE Tips that all people should know

Although I am not an expert in matters of love, I can say that living the separation process from my parents was very difficult for me. But I tried to draw the good side and for that reason I want to give this advice to all those people who want to be together for life.

1. Never stop dating.

The monotony of being in the house watching television can break the romanticism that caused them to go somewhere where they could chat about their daily lives.

2. Speak the same language.

I do not mean that the two speak Spanish, but that both speak a language in which they understand each other and can reach agreements when a decision needs to be made. You will know that you are on the right track when you do not have to say words and with a look you can communicate.

3. Note their qualities and not their defects.

When your partner does something you do not like, think about the other thousand things you love about him / her. If you always focus on the bad, the relationship will not bear fruit.

4. Remember, if there is a problem, it is the problem of the 2.

Now there will be 2 players playing on the same team, so solve the problems together.

5. If something does not seem to you, do not keep it, better tell it.

Whenever a person says something that they do not like, it is something that accumulates and the only thing that will happen is that sooner or later all this will make you explode against your partner.

6. Try to like him always.

Have a good hygiene, smell rich, thirst and always try to provoke an emotion in her / him.

7. Leave fears and begin to trust.

Probably many people suffered in their past relationships, but that was left behind. Now you need to understand that a relationship is based on trust. Do not live thinking that your current partner will also be unfaithful.

8. Do not stop seeing your friends.

If someday you want to go out with your old friends, do it. Your partner must understand that although you love her, you also need to frequent those people who for many years were an important part of your life.

9. Do not hold back the tears.

If you feel sad, cry in front of her, do not be embarrassed.

10. Be a little "silly".

Make her laugh every day being yourself.

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