9 Tricks that will save your life in a public bathroom

Going to a public bathroom can become a nightmare, and a fortiori if you are a woman, because to do your needs in one of them is the most complicated thing in the universe. These tricks will lighten the load and save your life.

Do you want to make "2", but do you fear that the water will splash on you? Put some paper in the background and this will make you do your needs a little more calm.

The damn door is broken and does not close? Your key or a nail can fix the problem.

But if none of the above worked, hang your bag from the top corner, the weight will keep it closed.

Always choose the first bathroom, they are the ones that tend to be cleaner.

An incredible invention has been implemented in many public bathrooms, it is sanitary handles that keep your hands free of germs when you open the door to exit.

This is another way to open the door, you should only use your foot. But while these wonders come to our country, you can simply push with your body and leave without touching the unhygienic handles.

Did you take the bathroom? A Coca Cola can save you if the disaster is not so serious.

Do you hate that the automatic toilet flushes water ahead of time? Place a sheet of toilet paper on the toilet, this way the bathroom will pull when you remove it.

The women covered the entire toilet with paper to avoid infections and splashes, but then you have to throw it into the toilet with your hand. To avoid touching the contaminated paper, only leave a part of it inside, so the water will take it when you pull the toilet.