7 Simple steps to MALCRY your child

Children need support and care from their parents all the time, but unfortunately sometimes many parents confuse these words with spoiling it.

That is why here we leave you the 5 steps that will turn you into a little one that could make you life in squares.

1.- Do not keep your promises.

If your child does something wrong and threatening to take away your video games or toys you do not keep the promise, he will have you very well measured and will know that there will be no consequences.

2.- Justify everything with "Así son los niños".

Many parents justify the bad education of their children and their wrong way of acting with the phrase "This is how the children are". If your child makes a mistake, you need to make him see that you will not tolerate that behavior again.

3.- Do not let any other adult scold you.

It is increasingly common for children to insult adults, including their teachers, grandparents or parents, and the fact that this has no consequence makes it terribly wrong. It is very important that other people who are not from the circle close to the family also scold them if they commit any fault. You should never allow these people to insult, shout or hit you, but you must explain to them that their behavior is not appropriate.

4. Let yourself be manipulated.

By nature children always see the way to get away with it and it is completely normal, but never fall into their manipulative networks, for example, if the little one does not want to eat, do not tell him that after that you will buy him an ice cream. With the passage of time he will only want to eat in exchange for an ice cream.

5. Pay or shout at him.

If you do it, you will have a perfectly ill-educated child and not exactly at home, since you may be afraid of it. In addition they could reproduce this same behavior in their school.

6. Chantajéalo emotionally.

If you say small phrases such as "You already made my blood pressure go down" or "Because of you I feel bad", you will not affect it and only make fun of you. If you commit any wrongdoing, do not blackmail him emotionally, just explain that this should not be done.

7. Let him throw tantrums.

A natural technique of a child to achieve something, is crying. Children are in tantrums because they want a toy and dads do not give it to them. Usually parents end up buying it to stop crying and so people do not see them with the face of bad parents. If the child cries, just let him cry and ignore this behavior, if the crying continues, try to distract him by telling him a story about anything.

Remember that children are the reflection of their parents, with love, patience and education, everything can be achieved.

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